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Me, exhausted: "Germany you can't just call everything with crushed tomatoes "ketchup"."

Germany, pointing at a jar of pasta sauce: "Noodle ketchup."

Here's our first impressions of the PinePhone, a 150 USD phone that is made to be open and able to run several Linux-based distributions for mobiles. Pretty much alpha at this stage, but having such piece of hardware to work on is a first great step: #linux #pinephone #mobile

For all those that do or don't celebrate valentines day:

Elliott the cat thinks you're great!

Autre truc sur Git.

Si vous souhaitez ajouter un fichier non versionné par patch, faites git add -N <fichier> et ensuite vous pourrez git add -pi <fichier> :blobcat:

Le -N dit à Git que vous avez l'intention d'ajouter le fichier plus tard.

Très utile si, comme moi de temps en temps, vous voulez ajouter des portions de fichiers non versionnés mais qu'il vous balance un message "d'erreur".

« Welcome to 'A tour of Nix', a beautifully crafted #introduction into the #Nix #programming language. »

/!\ ALERTE/!\

Nouveau virus en provenance de Belgique
LE TRIPLE KARMELITE VIRUS arrive les symptômes sont :
Perte de mémoire, discours peu cohérent, mal de tête voir vomissements

The role of French banks in global forest destruction
According to data analysed by Global Witness, between 2013 and 2019 France’s financial sector backed five of the six most harmful agribusiness companies investigated, and which have been directly or indirectly involved in deforestation in the world’s largest tropical rainforests in the Brazilian Amazon and the Congo Basin

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